Posted by Mindi McWherter Dawkins on Jun 25 2012 at 05:00PM PDT

2012 All-Star Information 

The 2012 All-Star Season is here!  Casa Grande will be fielding 5 teams this season:

1)  Little League Baseball (11-12 year old boys)

2)  Little League Softball (11-12 year old girls)

3)  9-10 Baseball (9-10 year old boys)

4)  9-10 Softball (9-10 year old girls) and

5)  Juniors Baseball (13-14 year old boys)

Casa Grande, which is in District 4 of Arizona Little League, will be hosting the baseball tournaments for each of these divisions (as well as for the Senior Baseball Division, but Casa Grande is not entering a team in that tournament.)  The softball tournaments will be held in Maricopa.  The winner of each District 4 tournament will advance to the state tournament level.   The district tournament dates are as follows:

1)  Little League Baseball:  July 5th-11th in Casa Grande

2)  Little League Softball:  June 26th-June 30th in Maricopa

3)  9-10 Baseball:  June 27th-July 3rd in Casa Grande

4)  9-10 Softball:  July 5th - July 10th in Maricopa

5)  Juniors Baseball:  July 12th-15th in Casa Grande



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